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Homeschool Spark Club Artist Program ages 6 (1st grade) - 12

Purchase required to enroll

Please call or email to enroll. This is not available for purchase online.

Let your creativity SPARK after school is done! This is a 12-week program for kids who LOVE art and want to think and work like real artists. This program is mainly 2-D focused (We have a separate 3-D class on Tuesdays). Draw, paint, print, collage, weave, and make your ideas happen! The first 4-6 weeks emphasizes learning concepts, material techniques, and practicing skills artists use. The rest of the program focuses on idea generation, and making choices with skills and materials that will be best to use with the artist's unique ideas. We recognize that not every artist is the same, and will have a different creative process just as any professional or famous artist. We follow the students and their interests, incorporating art history and appreciation as it applies to or challenges the group. We believe the process is just as important as the product. Students are allowed, and encouraged to choose how to best express their own ideas to make artwork that is personally meaningful. Andrea Rollins, co-founder of artSPARK is the instructor for this program, helping each artist advance in his/her own process and at his/her own skill level.

Enroll your child in the 12 class program and get the full experience of being an artist. Your child will get a sketchbook, create a portfolio of work and be part of a COMMUNITY ART SHOW and ART WALK in Downtown Littleton!

This program is offered every Fall and Spring for 14 weeks so you can choose the weeks you want to skip and come on the weeks it works for you (however it is best if your child is present for the first 4-6 weeks). If you want to schedule more than 12 classes you can buy extra at $25 each and come every week.

$315/ 12 classes

Tuesdays or Wednesdays 12:30-2:00. May not mix & match days.
5 student min/12 student max